Urban Armor Mask

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Urban Armor

Limited edition all black mask.

Available now | Chicago, IL.

Our American brand has developed a dedicated following, serving both local and international fashion stylists and bloggers alike.

Diversity in design, quality, and affordability are what makes our line so loved and desired.

One Mask donated to Reti Center

In an effort to contribute to healthcare workers’, for every face mask purchased, a medical-grade mask will be donated to Reti Centre and other local health facilities.


Excellent product and service!

I have had zero problems with the mask. The shipping was fast, arrived within 3 days. Fit is great, managed to get a good seal on my face. I will recommend this to my friends and family and buy some for them.


-Verified Buyer

Just as advertised!

“Carefully packaged with easy to follow instructions. When in use, breathable and adjust to fit your face perfectly. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a versatile mask..”

Alexander D.


Will buy more!

“I bought this mask recently and I can only say that I will buy more for my whole family. It is quality with style!!”

Amanda J.


Absolutely love them!

“Bought 2 masks for my father and mother in-law. They love them! Father-in-law is asthmatic and finally feels safe and protected to venture out to the shops. I hope I will be able to secure some masks for myself, husband and kids. Worth the wait and being waitlisted.”


Introducing Urban Armor Mask

We are confident in the functionality and design of the Urban Armor mask. Serves to protect
and empower our community through quality and style.

Back in stock! 

Innovative way to clean air

We are inspired to create the most comfortable, stylish, efficient and cost-effective air pollution masks. Urban Armor face mask filtration system incorporates particulate filtering layers, providing >95% protection.

Countering pollution!

The idea of helping people is what kept our team determined and focused. Today we produce masks for everyone’s protection and well being.


Key Features

The adjustable fit prevents entry of micro-organisms ensuring effective protection and enhancing quality of air. The mask is your everyday accessory as the washable material and replaceable filters have made it reusable.

Comfortable fabric.

A high-quality mask designed to provide you with the best comfort and protection possible. Made with skin-friendly fabric to prevent irritation and provide an enjoyable experience. The exhalation valves helps clear out air to prevent both humidity and fogginess to glasses. The outer skin of the mask is treated with Polygiene treatment to protect the fabric from bacteria and germs.



Urban Armor aspires to create a perfect balance between practical protection and stylish design. This style offers a fit for optimal comfort and with such design that it will enhance your everyday outfit.

Nano-Carbon filteration

Electron microscope image of nanofibres capable of capturing toxic particles as small as .01 microns. The unique nanofiber matrix allows an extremely thin membrane (less than 1mm) that prevents up to 99.99% of toxic airborne pollution from entering the body.


Anthony D.

“Thank you guys so much. The mask arrived FAST! It took 3 days which is better than I expected. Packaged nice and looks amazing! I’ve been loving to wear it outside. It really does make the air flow better. And it doesn’t fog up my glasses!! I recommend!”


Sarah A.

“Wanted to recommend this mask to everyone. I love this product. Not only did they ship it quickly, it actually stays in place, has a solid grip and doesn’t leak air. You feel protected. I do not leave my house without wearing it. Thumbs up.”


Alexander D’Souza.

“I’ve been looking for a company that sells quality masks that I can depend on for my family and kids. I ordered a few from Urban Armor and I’m glad I did. It actually is great quality material. Not like the other masks that kept ripping off. This mask won’t let you down. Highly recommend.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the commonly asked questions that will
provide you with more information about our products and the Urban Armor company.

What makes Urban Armor mask unique?

Urban Armor mask is unique in many ways. The modern design, superior functionality, adjustable fit, and a colour to match all your outfits. Also, based on the current demand, our fast shipping time has been a unique factor to the success of our brand. We are available 24/7 through live chat to assist any of your concerns.

Who is the mask suitable for?

Urban Armor mask is suitable for all adults. It comes with a head-strap that allows the mask to be suitable for everyone, including older children. We recommend that children under age of 7 to not use this mask. Please remember, this is not a medical mask, if you have any pre-existing conditions, please contact your doctor.

What sizes is the mask available in?

There is one universal size for the Urban armor mask. The head-strap allows size adjustments.

How often should I clean my mask?

We recommend you clean your mask after every prolonged wear. You can hand-wash, use warm soapy water and hang to dry. Please remember to hold down your mask under running water to flush down all toxins. 

How long does shipping take?

Masks are available now and are ready to ship after your order is placed. Estimated shipping time is usually within 3-5 business days. Due to high demands some orders might be slightly delayed. We are trying our best to ship all sales as quickly as possible!

Does your company ship internationally?

Yes! We ship to Canada, Europe, Australia, and more. Product usually arrives within 3-10 days. Prices for each country will be available at check out.

What is your return policy?

For sanitary and hygiene reasons, all mask sales are final and can not be returned. Please contact us at info@urbanarmor.us and we will try our best to resolve your concern. 

Is this a medical mask?

While the purpose is to protect, please understand that this mask is not a replacement for medical grade Personal Protective Equipment, and is not intended to replace other recommended measures to stop the community spread of COVID-19. Please continue to practice social distancing, washing your hands and refraining from touching your face. We recommend you consult a health care professional should you be in a circumstance that requires medical grade Personal Protective Equipment.